St.Thomas-a-Becket University, Canterbury, United Kingdom (hereinafter STABU)  is licensed in Africa through ST. THOMAS A-BECKET EDUCATION SERVICES with (RC 14069), Chartered of the WESLEY SYNOD INTERNATIONAL MISSION, CANTRBURY ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM. We have International accreditation of the Lutheran University, France and whose principal business is one of representing one of the influential Universities and Professional Learning Centers in the field of Religion Studies, Management and Business Administration, Basic Clinical & Health Sciences, Humanities, Law, Defense & Security Studies, Trade, Investment, Managements, Consulting, Research &  Development, Trainings & Mentorship (Entrepreneurships) and Competitiveness with a wide array of Consulting Services including Economic Feasibility Studies, Business Plan Preparation, Project Management, Expert Business & Security Intelligence, Legal Assistances, Academic Mission (Local and Foreign), Academic and Business Research, Innovations & Development, Executive Professional Trainings, Seminars, Workshops and Conferences (Local and Foreign) for Corporates, Individuals and the general public.

Our School has welcomed a diverse community of scholars since its founding, and people of varying backgrounds are still drawn to its cosmopolitan university setting. The students body represents great strength in ethnic, gender, and theological diversity. International students make up about one-third of our student population; the world literally meets in the classroom here.

The faculty draws upon these diversities to enrich the learning experience – this is not a school where everyone thinks alike, but a place where students of all backgrounds are challenged, and ultimately strengthened, by their exposure to different ideas and people. The college is handling programme both regular and correspondents in certificate, Diploma, Bachelors of Art degree, Masters of Arts and Doctorate Degree in theology, Philosophy, Management and Guidance & Counseling. We graduate citizens of the Universe into both theological and secular disciplines.

St. Thomas à Becket (1118-1170), English Chancellor and Archbishop of Canterbury under Henry II, was born in London, of Norman parents. He was educated at universities in London and Paris.

In 1162, King Henry II appointed Thomas to be the Archbishop of Canterbury. Soon Thomas began taking his responsibilities seriously. Within a year Thomas à Becket and King Henry II were in open conflict.

St_Thomas_of_Canterbury Invoking the assistance of Pope Alexander III, Becket fled to a monastery in France in November 1164. When King Henry II infringed on the rights of Canterbury by insisting the Archbishop of York crown his son as prince in 1170, Pope Alexander forced a reconciliation between Thomas à Becket and the king, and Becket returned to England. The Archbishop prevailed upon the Pope to suspend bishops who were supporters of the King.

Thomas’s murder near the altar of Canterbury Cathedral on December 29, 1170 was perpetrated by four overzealous knights. Thomas à Becket was canonized by Pope Alexander on February 21, 1173.

In 1220, his bones were placed in a special shrine, which for three centuries continued to be an object of one of the great pilgrimages in Christendom. (In Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, the pilgrims are on their way to Canterbury.) At the time of the Reformation (1538), Henry VIII plundered the magnificent shrine and scattered Thomas’s bones because his memory represented a symbol of opposition to the crown. However, the name of the saint remains to this day in the Roman Catholic and Anglican calendar.
A stone from Canterbury Cathedral is embedded in the first pillar of our parish hall.

An Award of The Knight of John Wesley

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Doctorate Degree in Divinity to Dr Godfrey Egwu.

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Award to Monsignor Prof. Dr. Frederic Burckle from Pope Benedict.

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Visit to Saint Thomas-a-becket University

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Regular Courses

  • Computer Science
  • Accountancy
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Mass Communication
  • Banking/Finance
  • Statistics

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Business Administration/Management
  • Educational Administration/Management
  • International Relations
  • Environmental Health Biology

  • Government & Public Administration
  • Political Science
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Social Studies
  • Library Science
  • Computer Science Education
  • Purchasing and Supply

  • Health Education
  • Accounting Education
  • Defence & Security Studies
  • Arts, Art History and Aesthetics
  • Strategy Management & Intelligence
  • Leadership & Strategic Management
  • Critical Thinking & Analytical reasons
  • Maritime Affairs & Ocean Policy

  • Law & Jurisprudence
  • Environmental Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Clinical Sciences
  • Media & Instructional Technology
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Nursing Science
  • Basic Medicine
  • Art (Peace & Conflicts Resolution)


ND PROGRAMMES: 5 Credit passes, English & Mathematics Compulsory


Why Choose Us

To achieve our vision, we will prepare our students to become independent learners with the desires, skills, and abilities necessary for lifelong learning. This will require creating a learning environment which is centered around students, directed by teachers, and supported by home and community.

Our Mission

The mission of St Thomas-a-becket University is to provide the highest standard quality academic learning and services and most efficient strategic tools for Research, Innovation and development with a view to stablishing Global Leaders in various field of human endeavors with a strong Technical Co-coordinating Registered Bodies for its Operations in Nigeria..


Our vision is to educate the church to educate the world.

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