Wesley Synod is not just into missions only, its educate ministers in various religious fields in other to make them effective and compatible in this ever-growing world. Therefore St thomas-a-becket University is the educational arm of the Synod saddled with that responsibility.

The name St thomas-a-becket was selected and adopted by the international primate of Wesley Synod Late Most. Rt. Rev. Sir Anthony Cowles because of the person of the Archbishop Thomas-a-Becket. His ordeals, his deals and values and his murder by the ignorant Knights.

The story of the life of Thomas Becket attracted Anthony Cowles to adopt his name for the Synod Christian University.

Brief History of St Thomas  a Becket

His Birth

Thomas Becket also known as St Thomas of Canterbury, Thomas of London and later Thomas a Becket was born around December c. 1119. St Thomas became the Archbishop of Canterbury from 1162.

His Stance concerning the right and privileges of the Church with the State often brought him in Conflict with thing Henry 2 King of England.

His Death

The Constant Conflict between Thomas and the king made the king to regard him as a turbulent priest. They were never seeing eye to eye. It was reported to the king that the Archbishop of Canterbury St Thomas Becket had excommunicate some Bishops, some who were in the good books of King Henry 2. He was requested of the king to reconsidered his stance and reverse his decision but thru to Archbishop Thomas texture and values, he will do no such things. This angered the king and he exclaimed who shall rid me of this turbulent priest an exclamation that was not issued as a command but that sparked up a desire to satisfy the king, moreover in another speech, the palace knight were portrayed as lazy, cowards and ungrateful men taken care of and harbored by the king. So these four Knights took off from Normandi to Canterbury to persuade Archbishop Thomas to reverse his decision concerning the Excommunicated Bishops and they consequently murdered him because he won’t change his stance. This was on December 29th 1170 ad. Pope Alexanda had told king Henry 2 to no more hear the mass until full penance for Thomas of Canterbury was made.

Archbishop Thomas a Becket an Anglican, admired by Cowles a Methodist Bishop in his own way, this faithful matyre decided to adopt his name for the Wesley Synod Christian University.